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Vera Wang Spring 2019 Bridal Collection

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The rise of a brilliant bridal designer

Vera Wang was born and raised in the buoyant New York City. With a fresh degree from Sarah Lawrence College in art history, she was hired as an editor for Vogue, being the youngest to receive this responsibility at that time.

It was a prosperous partnership but after seventeen years, Wang decided to change the course and left Vogue for Ralph Lauren. No more than two years passed and Vera Wang started her own venture to become a bridal wear designer.

Succes in The Wedding Industry

Highly successful in the wedding industry, she launched her book in 2001, Vera Wang on Weddings, an encyclopedia of ideas on every facet of a wedding: invitations, flowers, guests and, of course, bridal gowns. In this volume, Wang explains how to opt for the right neckline, bodice and waistline to get the maximum effect for each body type; how to choose the fabric for the dress or what headpiece to wear.

During her flourishing career, Vera Wang has created wedding gowns for many celebrities such as Chelsea Clinton, Ivanka Trump, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Victoria Beckham and many more.

Always experimenting…

However, she doesn’t rest on her laurels. Vera Wang likes to experiment. For her 2019 spring collection, the designer drew inspiration from the paintings of Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer. The outcome is astonishing: a romantic mix of intrepid shades, thrilling texture, exulting movement, passion and mysticism.


Why only white?

"This was experimentation for me within the bridal vocabulary, and I think that a lot of it has to do with the fact that, now more than ever, given the state of where most businesses are in luxury, I wanted to feel I could take more chances," Wang told Bazaar.


The power of handmade

Moreover, Vera Wang emphasized the handwork involved in the creation of her spring collection, from hand dying to creating the wrinkled tulle. “It’s the time to bring that kind of handcrafted work back, rather than only present a commercial solution." It is time-consuming but “That’s the only way to achieve a luminous, painterly effect—imperfect but nuanced,” she explained.


Bold gowns for daring brides, for certain, the wedding industry brings exciting times.

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