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Wedding Photographer Of The Week - Harriette Earnshaw from France

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In order to give the best advice to future couples, we search through hundreds of weddings and thousands of pictures every week. Some of them just stand out from the crowd — those precious moments are so incredibly well captured that we can’t help thinking - WOW, what a lucky couple!

In conclusion, we decided to inaugurate a new series of articles in which we will be featuring the wedding photographers who caught our eye and give the chance to more newlyweds to discover talented wedding professionals to immortalize their Big Day.

Our star this week is Harriette Earnshaw from France.


Based in Normandy, she appreciates adventure and beauty hidden in small details. Influenced by her childhood spent in the United Kingdom and her life in the beautiful countryside of Manche, France, Harriette’s pictures are luminous, incandescent, full of life and happiness.

At a wedding, Harriette focuses on encapsulating special moments in the best light. Details, emotions, atmosphere, are all there, in her stunning pictures transformed in romantic art by her magical talent.

Specialized in small, intimate and destination weddings, Harriette loves to travel and discover new love stories to immortalize for eternity on her camera.

Chateau-wedding-france-Harriette-Earnshaw-Photography-bridal bouquet portrait.jpg
Chateau-wedding-france-Harriette-Earnshaw-Photography-couple portrait.jpg
Chateau-wedding-france-Harriette-Earnshaw-Photography-paris wedding destination.jpg
Chateau-wedding-france-Harriette-Earnshaw-Photography-paris wedding.jpg
Chateau-wedding-france-Harriette-Earnshaw-Photography-couple portrait,.jpg
Chateau-wedding-france-Harriette-Earnshaw-Photography-bridal party.jpg
Chateau-wedding-france-Harriette-Earnshaw-Photography-pink wedding table arrangements.jpg
Chateau-wedding-france-Harriette-Earnshaw-Photography-portrait paris eiffel tower.jpg
Chateau-wedding-france-Harriette-Earnshaw-Photography-table arrangements.jpg
Chateau-wedding-france-Harriette-Earnshaw-Photography-table flowers.jpg
Chateau-wedding-france-Harriette-Earnshaw-Photography-spring bridal bouquet.jpg
Chateau-wedding-france-Harriette-Earnshaw-Photography-country wedding.jpg
Chateau-wedding-france-Harriette-Earnshaw-Photography-table flowers decorations.jpg
Chateau-wedding-france-Harriette-Earnshaw-Photography-wedding cake.jpg
Chateau-wedding-france-Harriette-Earnshaw-Photography-wedding photography.jpg
Fine-art-bride-Paris-Harriette-Earnshaw-wedding photographer.jpg
Chateau-wedding-france-Harriette-Earnshaw-Photography-wedding decorations.jpg

You can follow Harriette’s photography journey on Instagram.

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