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11 Pampering Bridesmaids Gifts to Daze Your Friends

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Naturally, you want your best friends to be present to celebrate you finding the ONE and ONLY. And they will be there; just because they love you and are delighted to be your bridesmaids. No expectations - just cheerfulness.

However, you want to show your gratitude for the continuous backing up. After all, you know how gratifying is to touch a soft blanket or a quality bag after years and remember affectionately who gave it to you.

My sister-in-law bought a peeler for me, a simple (but good) peeler. Every time I prepare my vegetables, I think of her. It’s unbelievable how our brains work! Though two thousand miles are between us, she is always with me when I’m cooking. This is the power of a good present!

Here are 11 brilliant gift ideas to help you pamper those amazing friends of yours:

1. Crochet Bridesmaid Shawl

Start by making your friends feel good on the Big Day. Unique and cozy, these hand crochet shawls will keep them warm and happy. Available in many colors, it will be easy to find the right tone for your wedding theme. Handmade always transmits LOVE and these wraps will certainly make your bridesmaids feel special.

2. Personalized Travel Jewelry Case

A thoughtful gift for your bridesmaids, these exclusive travel boxes can be personalized with their zodiac and name designed in blooms. Rose gold or silver finish, suede-effect lining and a gorgeous compartmentalized interior with special features for jewelry will surely make your bridesmaids feel spoiled.

3. Deluxe Organic Gift Set

Pamper your bridesmaids with this deluxe gift set containing all organic products in your choice of scents – all nicely packed to send messages of love and gratitude.

4. Chunky Knit Merino Wool Blanket

Let you bridesmaids warmly remember you when they cuddle under this soft hand knit blanket.

5. Coffee Mug 

Treat your bridesmaids with these cute, unique and durable ceramic coffee mugs. This way, you make sure they will start each morning thinking of you long after your wedding day.

6. Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Why not spend time with your bridesmaids and become healthier, more flexible and happier at the same time? Believe me, relaxing techniques might come handy when the delightful outcomes of the honeymoon keep you awake night after night. Not to mention that yoga mat is also a great toy for toddlers. They love to roll it and unroll it enough times to give you a few minutes to savor a coffee with your friends.

7. Custom Engraved Brush Mirror Comb Set

Luxurious and personalized this useful set can certainly earn you ‘Bride of the Year’ title. No bridesmaid can forget such a considerate gift.

8. Personalized Soft Leather Briefcase

I must admit this work bag really stole my heart. Handmade from soft leather and personalized - it is, unquestionably, the perfect gift for devoted friends.

9. Personalized Monogram Bath Set

100% soft cotton with two letters monogram, this bath set is bound to make your bridesmaids feel cosseted after a long shower.

10. Japanese Silk Pajama Set

If you really want to indulge your bridesmaids, then this Japanese silk pajama set is ideal. Made in a family owned business with incredible attention to each stitch, this gift implies affection, recognition and intimacy.

11. Basket with Organic Herbal Teas Gift Set

  • Afternoon Delight - a delicious, antioxidant-rich organic herbal tea blend to refresh, revive, and reinvigorate

  • Autumn Harvest - a warming, fall-spiced tea for cold toes and chilly nights

  • Bluephoria - a beautifully blue, minty, uplifting organic herbal tea blend for a refreshing pick-me-up

These are just three option from many more you can include in this healthy gift set for your bridesmaids.

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