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9 Posh Bridal Shops You Don't Want to Miss

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Is the BIG DAY approaching FAST?

High levels of excitement and stress – unfortunately - are bound to be present at one point or another.

Most of all, time is a precious resource and we all know how long it can take to find the best vendors. That’s why we've searched... and searched and discovered mesmerizing bridal shops for you – those incredible wedding boutiques you love to browse (which are almost a treat and make you feel like you're on holiday) are here today to make your soon-to-be-bride-life easier.

In Berlin, Germany, The White Ribbon creates entirely handmade bridal ballet flats using the highest quality of ethically sourced leather.

What do their customers feel about their shoes?

lappynug16 declares ” The shoes are so beautiful, and exactly what I wanted. I looked and looked for shoes, and couldn't find any that I loved, until I found these! I took a chance ordering from out of the country and wow and I so glad that I did! Thank you for your beautiful product, responses, and your prompt shipping! I can't wait to wear them on my special day!”

In Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, Lucy and Tatiana from Leemarc, design premium bridal dresses which are admired at annual balls in London, Moscow and Vienna.

What are their brides’ thoughts?

“Honestly, even if I am a serial online customer, I was quite worried about ordering my wedding dress online, but I ventured because I really adored it in the picture and it turned out I made the best choice ever! I absolutely LOVE this dress, even much more than what I expected! The measures are surprisingly perfect, the seams, the details and silhouette are amazing and there is a very big quantity of fabric! The crinoline you sent me makes it even more regal, voluminous and comfortable to walk with!” comments Eleonora after purchasing her wedding dress.

Washington, D.C., United States, is home for The Garter Girl which believes in exceeding your expectations by creating family heirlooms in form of top-quality bridal garters. 

What do her clients think?

“This garter is beautiful. I was planning to skip having a garter for my wedding until I found this shop. These garters are so beautiful I had trouble picking just one! It fits great and is so comfortable on my leg (18-inch thigh). I seriously can't wait to wear it! Thank you, Garter Girl, for making the garter world classy!” is the feedback, LoavesandStiches left for this unique shop.

Posh London, UK is where you get your coziness on the Big Day.

After shivering at my own wedding day from lack of appropriate clothing (I had a gorgeous sleeveless dress in no way covering my shoulders or my upper back), I've decided to do my very best to help future brides avoid this bittersweet experience. That's how elegant but warming cover-ups for weddings were born.

What do our brides tell us after buying from Laremi?

“I could not have been happier with this perfect shawl for my wedding. It is expertly made with beautiful material. It provided lots of warmth for our colder-than-we-hoped-for outside ceremony. The vendor also made sure it arrived on time, even though I waited to the last minute to order (thank you again for arranging it to be sent to the hotel!). It arrived in a lovely box with a lavender sachet with a nice note. The picture does not show the double ribbon tie, but I assure you it is lovely as well. I received so many compliments. I highly recommend this piece for your wedding, or any special occasion.” were Emily’s exact words.

I used to think that if you are not lucky to have thick, shiny hair you’re doomed forever (you guess is right - that's me). So not true… Eden Luxe Bridal from Florida US will make you look like a princess with their celestial hair accessories. Even the dullest hairstyle will be irremediably transformed.

Let’s hear one of their brides opinion:“It’s absolutely gorgeous. A great deal of work and attention to detail went into this tiara. If only I could wear it every day!” exclaims Lesley.

Sheila - the creative mind behind Sibo Designs from the captivating Amsterdam - decided to change the Dutch world of bridal accessories after getting married and having to dig too much for hers.

Thank goodness for that because she ships internationally and the entire wedding world can benefit from her artistry now. “The quality of this veil is absolutely phenomenal. I was very much “not a veil person” for the longest time, but was won over by how ethereal and yet modern Sheila’s designs are. I absolutely can’t wait to wear it for my wedding!” declares Ashley from Brooklin.

Another gifted English woman, Rhiannon from Honey Willow finds creating wedding jewelry a privilege.

What does such a pampered client say about her work? “Just. Perfect. Absolutely stunning necklace! The price for such beautifully made jewelry is incredible! The seller is an absolute dream to deal with; so responsive, helpful and super friendly! I was a massive pain but nothing was too much trouble for them.”

Toronto, Canada is the place from where Sarah Catalfo sends bespoke robes to blessed brides around the world.

One of them was Rosefire26 and she is happy to share her experience “Everything about this Bridal Lily Lace Robe is perfect!! Sarah was so lovely to message and create a custom length order for me. The lace, scalloped edges and stitching are beautiful and flawless. Even the holders for the satin tie are super detailed. I can’t thank Sarah enough for customizing and making this amazing robe to be used for such a special day!! Super excited to wear it!!”

Hard to believe these are silk flowers, but as the owner of BlueOrchids declares “not all the silk flowers are created equal.”

Sad to see flowers die and loose the chance to keep her bridal bouquet, she decided to create it herself from high quality artificial flowers. From here to creating timeless arrangements for other weddings was just a step.

“Unbelievably gorgeous!! I can't wait to walk down the aisle with this bouquet!! They shipped in the timeframe they gave me, and were beyond patient with my thousands of questions. They worked so hard to make everything perfect, and it shows. The level of craftsmanship is amazing. Highly recommend this shop!” proclaims McCarron Best.

To sum up, many of the ingenious minds behind the bridal shops were themselves brides struggling to find the right item for their special day. We are working hard to help you avoid situations like those. Make sure to check out Weddings By Laremi Blog for more wedding inspiration and advice or follow us on Instagram for daily updates.

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