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Wedding Photographer of the Week - Selia Zingale from Ibiza

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We adore weddings - every day we research the latest trends and outstanding designs to give future couples the best tools for planning their dream day.

Indisputably, the photographer is a key piece of the wedding day and preservation of its precious memories for a lifetime.

Every week we feature a wedding photographer who captured our attention with their unique style. This week, Selia Zingale is our leading lady in the art of photography.

Her style is passionate, blazing with life and color.

selia zingale wedding photographer.png

Born in Romania, Selia changed the rainy weather for sunny shores and moved to Ibiza in 2017. Here, she let the relaxing sound of the waves, the golden light of the sun and the soothing breeze to inspire her in creating gorgeous romantic imagery for newlyweds. Favorite time to take pictures is sunset - she loves how it casts delicate golden glimmers on the love story unfolding in front of her camera.

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Secluded in the warm Balearic Sea, Ibiza is a voguish choice for a destination wedding and Selia’s style makes her very popular. However, she always takes time to get to know the couple, the story and the origin of their affection. She believes it’s important in order to create a tailored narrative for each with her pictures.

Selia’s love affair with the island is visible in the way she captures the azure of the clear sky, the lush aborigine foliage and the nakedness of the rocky cliffs.

hochzeit-ibiza-la-escollera-ibiza-destination-wedding-mallorca photographer.jpg
beach wedding ibiza photographer.jpg
mallorca-hochzeit-ibiza-la-escollera-ibiza-destination-wedding-mallorca-weddings photographer.jpg
beach wedding.jpg
mallorca-hochzeit-ibiza-la-escollera-ibiza-destination-wedding-mallorca-weddings photographer,.jpg

Her natural and relaxed style make the guests feel so comfortable that they forget about the camera. Therefore, Selia gets to encase moments of life in their truthfulness, their real beauty and deliver charming but sincere records of the Big Day.

ibiza wedding beach photographer.jpg

You can see more of Selia Zingale’s vivid images on her Instagram account.

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