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Wedding Photographer of The Week - Minh Cao from West Chester, Pennsylvania

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Transforming the way we look at the pictures

Born and raised in Vietnam, Minh Cao from Du Soleil Photography spent her college years both in the modern US and romantic France.

Besides photography, a strong passion of hers is to be proficient in foreign languages – there is a unique satisfaction in understanding a specific expression which won’t keep its meaning when translated.


For Minh, photography is just another language. “A photograph is a text that evokes different interpretations and feelings from different eyes and hearts. My job is to create not just a beautiful photographic document, but also a unique expression of who you are in a way that can’t be translated by memory and words,” she declares nonchalantly.


Taking dazzling shots

Every wedding photographer has its style and Minh definitely found hers. Playing with angles and light, she truly creates art through her lenses. Radiant, bursting in luminous hues, her pictures emanate romance and glamour through all their pixels.

du_soleil_photographie_cairnwood_estate_wedding_inspiration (.jpg
du_soleil_photographie_cairnwood_estate_wedding_inspiration (2).jpg
du_soleil_photographie_cairnwood_estate_wedding_inspiration (2.jpg

Creating a relaxed ambience for the couple

As an experienced photographer for weddings, Minh Cao knows that great pictures are directly related to relaxed subjects. In conclusion, it is paramount for her to unwind the atmosphere and spend time getting to know the couple before starting to take pictures.

“Minh is incredibly talented and an absolute pleasure to work with! Our initial meeting was very casual and I felt like I was chatting with a friend. I told Minh that I was looking for a very specific photography style - a soft and romantic touch, with the perfect use of light - and she showed me some of her work that just hit the nail on the head! Minh made us feel very comfortable taking our photos and we absolutely love them - as do our family and friends,” says Alexandra, one of her brides.

du_soleil_photographie_moshulu_wedding_philadelphia 1.jpg
du_soleil_photographie_moshulu_wedding_philadelphia 2.jpg
du_soleil_photographie_moshulu_wedding_philadelphia 3.jpg
du_soleil_photographie_moshulu_wedding_philadelphia 4.jpg

Prioritizing the important aspects of the day

Taking such an important task as creating life memories from unique events, made Minh aware of the importance of prioritizing. Not letting her attention drift to frivolous details is what makes her a true professional.

“Minh is a perfectionist and loves what she does! Minh arrived to all of our photo sessions early to find the perfect lighting and locations for our shoots. I knew I wanted to work with Minh almost instantly upon meeting her. She is super organized and plans out the wedding day to make sure she doesn't miss any important moments during your Big Day. Minh truly goes above and beyond the call of duty and her work is stunning!” observes Erin.

du_soleil_photographie_parque_wedding_editorial_ridley_creek_state_park 4.jpg
du_soleil_photographie_parque_wedding_editorial_ridley_creek_state_park 1.jpg
du_soleil_photographie_parque_wedding_editorial_ridley_creek_state_park 2.jpg
du_soleil_photographie_parque_wedding_editorial_ridley_creek_state_park 3.jpg

Being an excellent choice for your wedding

Making the couples’ wishes her priority and going over and beyond to create the best experience for the newlyweds is what makes Minh such a great choice for your wedding.

“Words cannot describe how amazing and helpful Minh’s photography was during our wedding day last summer. She made us feel relaxed and comfortable during the entire process despite how unorganized our schedule was. She captured our big day beautifully and we are pleased with the details of each picture,” are the exact words of yet another exulted bride.

wedding decor table,.jpg
wedding decor.jpg
wedding decor table..jpg
wedding decor table.jpg

You can see more of Minh Cao creative art on her Instagram account.

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