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3 Guaranteed Ways to Relax During Wedding Preparation Days

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Undoubtedly, planning a wedding is hard stuff. Venue – checked, dress – checked, bridesmaids – checked, there are only 199 things left to do.

No wonder so many future brides elope in a paradise island to say yes.

Still planning? This is for you then: three guaranteed ways to relax during the stressful wedding preparation days.

1. Work your stress out

Walk, run, swim, bike, play tennis or volleyball – always better to work out with a partner – releases stress quicker. I know you heard a million times: exercising releases dopamine, the feel-good hormone which, well… makes you feel good. But it’s true – works like a charm every time.

2. Laugh out the stress

Dinner and a movie with your friends are the best relaxers for any stressful project. One thing though – Do NOT talk about the wedding! Declare it wedding free night!

Experts agree that a break is the best method to rest your brain and get back on the horse with renewed resources.

Don’t talk about the friends’ children either – but that’s another chapter.

3. Wash out the stress

There is nothing more relaxing than a hot bathtub. Or, maybe there is… A hot bathtub plus ten drops of lavender essential oil plus vanilla scented candles. Wait! I haven’t finished. Plus a good book. Yes, ‘that’s the life,’ as my son says. It works every single time, no matter how stressed you are.

Bonus points if you convince your fiancé to prepare it for you. Be aware though, he might want to join in.

In love, relaxed, on your way to marry your soul mate. That’s a good life!

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