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How To Have a Budget-Friendly Wedding

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Organizing a wedding is hard (though so exciting) work. From crafting Instagram worthy decor to including all the people you cherish (and their advice), you have a lot of adjusting to do.

However lacking in romance, the budget is a paramount aspect of planning a wedding. Knowing where the money goes and how to deal with that is essential. Thus, today, we're sharing useful suggestions for having a budget-friendly wedding while maintaining all wishes intact.

1. Book Your Venue First

The venue is the stage where your love, your commitments are being celebrated and encapsulated in everybody’s memory. You can’t neglect this one. Start your planning journey with finding the right venue.

Take a checklist with you. It can be overwhelming to track all the details: noise limit, license for the ceremony, insurance, etc.

Booking it early might save you some money and many headaches.

Consider choosing a non-traditional wedding venue: your grandmother’s back garden, favorite hidden beach or a public park. Just remember to add the costs for bringing tables, chares, even toilets in some cases.

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2. Let Your Friends and Family Help

Your favorite aunt is a brilliant baker? Consider asking her to create your wedding cake. It can be a delicious wedding gift.

Have you decided to experience with DIY wedding projects? Organize a craft party, where you and your friends can create miles of bunting, glue paper cones for the rise or decorate mason jars for table arrangements.

Your brother-in-law has a vintage car you admire? Ask him to drive you to the ceremony.

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craft party wedding friends help,.jpg

3. Use The Experts’ Advantages

While some of the DIY projects can be fun and save your money, others aren’t. Think about it: this is your wedding. Do you really want to make all the beginner's mistake on THIS ONE?

Wedding professionals have experience, they can advise you what you can achieve within your budget and have all the connections and suppliers you never heard of.

Your only task is to hire the ones with excellent outcomes. You don’t want a novice to make his errors on your Big Day. Collect references, ask questions and hunt for the best within your budget.

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4. Save Money on The Food

There are ways to use your wedding budget wisely when you spend on food:

  • Choose a venue which allows outside catering. You have more options and you can shop around

  • Serve in-season food - this will help you both with the cost and the taste, as, in-season vegetables and fruits, have more flavor

  • Ask your caterer for kids discount. Most of them offer one for up to 12-year-old. Children don’t eat so much anyway. It’s a good way to avoid waste

  • Buy drinks in bulk. Most venues allow bringing your own drink in exchange for a corkage fee charged on each bottle opened by bar staff

  • Skip the servers and create themed self-serving stations with one or two items. It is an elevated way to break the monotony from the classic buffet. The options are unlimited: vegetarian, chicken, cheese, porc, etc. Just remember to create visible labels and leave enough space.

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5. Plan, plan, plan

Use checklists for each aspect of your wedding: bridal accessories, booking a venue, even hiring a wedding planner. We can only remember five to seven items at one point. You are bound to forget to ask an essential question (actually, many more) if you rely solely on memory.

For the items ordered online, leave enough time. With Etsy and other international sellers, you can buy your dress from Paris, your shawl from London and your shoes from Milano at amazing prices - all you need to do is to plan as the shipping can take longer. You want to avoid the hefty price of Express Deliveries.

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Don’t forget - time flies when you're having fun. It’s never to early to jot ideas for your wedding.

For more of my wedding ideas and inspirations, be sure to check out Weddings By Laremi Blog or follow me on Instagram for daily updates.



Venue: Rustic Manor 1848

Planner: Wed & Willow

Photography: Libby Sue Photography

Makeup: Makeup by Maribel

Model: Heather & Garrett Rakowski

Catering: All Occasions Catering / Bubb's BBQ

Flowers: The Pink Peony LLC (Nicole)

Bride’s Dress: Love Lives Here

Bridal Shawl: Laremi

Groom’s Attire: DeBois Formal Wear

Stationary: DCo Lovenotes (Danielle)

Rentals: Cover it with Class (Stephanie)