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11 Wedding Favors Ideas That Your Guests Will Fall In Love With

Wedding PlanningMirela Gorun2 Comments

We know, we know, wedding favors can be such a headache: it can take hours of research to find the best, the most special and the most alluring (and that’s on top of finding the perfect dress, the perfect venue, the perfect bridesmaids. We assume you’ve already found the perfect husband). However, they can be the hit of the wedding if you find the right ones.

Here is a collection of the most appreciated wedding favors of all times to help with your planning:

Handmade Soap

Wonderful gifts! Lavender, rosemary or sage, these handmade soaps have a seductive fragrance and feel great on the skin. Moreover, these favors can be personalized to reflect your wedding style.

Every single guest will want one (or maybe two - order a few extra just to be on the safe side).

Oh So, So Sweet Wedding Favours

Homemade jams are made with love and are just the perfect gift for your wedding guests — they are so tasty!

Sweet little honey jars are so cute to look at and so delicious to taste. These favors will most certainly exceed your friends’ expectations.

Melt in your mouth toffee, covered in yummy chocolate and smothered with finely chopped almonds. All this goodness packed in a mason jar for your guests.

Sounds divine!

Useful Wedding Favours

What if you don’t want sweets or soaps? Easy enough - give your guests something useful: candles, Himalayan salt, tea, whiskey (extremely appreciated believe it or not), olive oil, lip balm — the options are basically unlimited.

Most of them come personalized already. If they don’t just add a personalized label.

Natural Favors

These little succulents are absolutely delightful and look great on the table favors. Beware — you might want to keep them all — just remember, your friends deserve the best.

Wedding favors sorted out — wedding guests happy — one more tick on the wedding list.

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