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3 Intriguing Ideas for Guest Books

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While traditional weddings with the pristine white gowns, impeccable bridesmaids and two-hundred-guest-list are definitely breathtaking, more and more couples these days want to design their Big Day in a way which portraits their own personality and not the customs’ requests.

Today’s bride prefers ivory dress instead of white (or even more bold colors if you follow Vera Wang’s advice); couples opt for bohemian elopements instead of huge weddings and decide to celebrate their union in innovative ways.

Take the guest book, for example, a wonderful tradition as a matter of fact, totally transformed by the modern wave. Think-out-of-the-box-millennials have decided to raise the bar and transform the traditional wedding book in a unique occasion to express their style. Now, the guest book becomes an attraction on its own on the wedding day and it has a well-deserved place in the newly-weds’ house after the ceremony as an admired story-telling wedding item.

Some of our favorite weddings feature glorious guest books so we’ve assembled their ideas in a cracking collection.

Wish it on a heart

Dainty hearts for family and friends to express their best wishes for the happy couple; be it in a box, jar or tree, these latest guest books are exquisite.

Around The World

Are you guests coming from around the world to celebrate your commitment? Let them express their support through geography. They will feel special and the wild wide world will become instantly so much smaller.

So Much Fun!

Puzzles, Jenga game, finger painting on a tree or even a surfboard— so many wonderful ways to express your fun personality with a modern guest book.

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