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9 Wedding Treasuries You Can Only Find on Etsy

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What I love the most when visiting a new country, besides admiring the architecture, is to visit the small, unique shops, specific to that area. They are packed with original treasuries and perusing through them makes me feel warm inside.

However, traveling is not always possible and here comes Etsy - an international marketplace where you can find the most novel items from all over the world. You can treat yourself after a long day of work from the comfort of your home.

This becomes even more important when you plan your wedding. You need to find those nuggets of distinctiveness which will transform your most special day in an event people will talk long after it had finished. This is where we step in to help.

french blue macaroons.jpg

Keep warm and sophisticated

Don’t forget to put one of these soft shawls on your wedding shopping list. You might need it at night when the temperatures drop or you might end up needing it all day. It looks stunning in the wedding photos and it will keep you cosy and stylish. Entirely handmade, you will be impressed by how much warmth can generate.

Release the inner child

Another must-have, especially for a boho wedding, is one of these fabulous flower crowns. Created in many designs and colors, with asymmetric flowers and lush foliage, there is one for each wedding color palette.

Bring your personal touch

Unique personalized agate slices with fetching calligraphy are the perfect name cards to give an extra personal touch to your wedding. Additionally, they work great as wedding favors. After the big day, these place cards become original souvenirs for your guests to remember you and your special day!

etsy wedding place cards agate slice personalized.png

Keep it green

Radiating a warm light and a distinguished naturalness, these wedding table centerpieces are an exceptional solution for a rustic wedding or a bohemian one.

Painted Mason Jars Wedding Centerpiece.png

Make it insanely cute

Fancy this: floating tutu clouds opening your way to the altar, scattering flowers in your path for good luck. Have I forgotten something? Oh, yes, the marvelous flower girls who will feel like little princesses in these skirts.

Long Tutu Flower Girl Dress.png

It’s all in the details

Talking about flowers, these are the real thing, grown in the garden, dried whole and beautifully wrapped. You can have them in the flower girls’ baskets; on the table, around the centerpieces or/and on the aisle.

Dried Flowers, Wedding Confetti.png

The best memories

Why have a boring wedding guestbook which will lay hidden in some drawer when you can have this amazing globe to display and remember all your wonderful friends who wished you all their best on the wedding day?

Globe Wedding Guestbook Custom Calligraphy with Greenery and Laurels Large World Globe.jpg

Open the way in the right way

With 'natural' 'torn edge, these luxury wedding invitations display a classic beauty with their delicate watercolours. Add varied textures, stunning ink and etchings of British wildflowers and you will have the whole picture. Rustic twine, vellum and a custom wax seal complete the look perfectly.

Daydream - Luxury Wedding Invitations & Save the Date. Torn edge, twine, vellum wrap, wax seal, British Wildflowers.png

Remember the day

To add the wow factor to your wedding photos, create a stunning backdrop for your photo session with this set of forty-four high-quality paper flowers. For maximum effect, they come separately, so you can arrange them in any way you like. Treat them with care and you can use them to your diamond anniversary.

Large ombre paper flower backdrop or installation.png

Do not forget!

However, the key thing on your wedding day is to make sure you enjoy it. Bask into the wonderful feelings of delight, laugh with your friends and relish the love for your groom. This is one of the most important days of your life.

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