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How to Style a Spellbinding Sage Green and Burnt Orange Wedding

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Sage is a natural pastel to use as part of your wedding thought sometimes overlooked by other more handy pinks or blues.

However, 2019 has sage as its star color in the wedding palette.

Fresh and pure, this shade is eternal modern and it looks perfect next to a bolder burnt orange tint.

Let’s see how you can style a stunning wedding in five straightforward steps…

The Blooming Bride….

Here comes the bride — one of the most desired moments of the wedding.

From hair accessories to a handcrafted shawl to a succulent bouquet…. little or bigger sage details can metamorphose your bridal look. One of the latest ideas I’ve seen flourish is wearing a traditional white bridal dress and emphasizing the waistline with a smashing sash – priceless look.

The Bonny Bridesmaids….

Burnt orange is a handsome hue for bridesmaids, and it has a particular quality to set the stage for the bride. The contrast between the rich dark orange, pure white and pale green is unparalleled.

The Gorgeous Groom….

Though usually, the spotlight is on the bride, assorted attire for the groom is the best approach to create cohesion on your wedding day. Think about little details such as a sage necktie and pocket square or a boutonniere in the same tone.

The Fetching Flower Girls….

Oh, how we adore the flower girls in their fluffy tulle dresses, with enchanting flower crowns, tossing rose petals on the aisle! Truly delightful!

The Tempting Table….

Designing the wedding tables in sage green and burnt orange is a child play. From table runners to card placements, to candle holders and linen napkins, these two colors entwine in a whimsical dance – the fiery orange being balanced by the genteel green.

It’s so easy to design a wedding with these quaint tints; light, natural green setting the stage and deep orange giving the necessary accents to create a bit of drama and eliminate monotony.

This color combination is perfect for a rustic or fall wedding. If you want to explore other options for your wedding palette, check our blush and burgundy wedding inspiration



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