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Mind-Boggling Barn Wedding Ideas

Wedding PlanningMirela GorunComment

If you love nature and want a break from the city then a barn wedding may be the perfect idea for your big day. Just imagine the fresh smell of grass and the soft sound of the rustling leaves in the wind. 

Here are some gorgeous ideas to help you create a natural decor to celebrate your love in a rustic ambiance:

  • You plan to spend your hole life together. Why not start with a big lough? These 'Photo booth Props' will make all your guests laugh out loud on your special day. Create a wonderful athmosphere and fabulous photos. Memories will last forever.

  • Bring a plus of charm to your wedding with these handmade petals. You can use them as confetti, aisle and table decorations or for your flower girls. Each petal is cut and sealed by hand, creating unique designs for a most special event.

  • If you want to book the best wedding venue for your wedding, download this free checklist to make sure you have the best space for your special event.

  • Looking for the perfect gift for your bridesmaids? These crochet shawls are 100% handmade, made with great care and love and send the memorable message that you cherish friendship and choose the gifts thoughtfully.

  • The perfect addition to a barn wedding, these pine wood table numbers are just the right combination of rustic and elegance.

  • Looking for a unique way to preserve your wedding guests' good wishes? This hand engraved tree slice is the perfect display for your wedding memories. It comes with hooks in order to be hung in a special place after your special day.

  • A brilliant way to decorate your wedding tables and an original souvenir, these wooden place names are excellent for showing your guests where to sit.

  • A lovely set which includes a stainless steel knife and cake slicer. Both handles are covered in rustic twine and decorated with lace and paper flowers to match a rustic wedding theme.

  • This stunning floral hair clip, from copper and gold vines, embellished with a teacup rose, a cream hydrangea blossom, tiny metallic flowers and Swarovski pearls will make you feel like a wood fairy.

  • An ideal centerpiece, this pearl painted jar is cealed on the outside to prevent wear and tear and paint free on the inside to protect the flowers. The delicate color will make a wonderful contrast with the rustic theme.

  • Matching perfectly a barn wedding, these napkins are made from linen. Linen is a great choice because it absorbs moisture better than cotton and dries more quickly. Moreover, it will last for years.

Now that you know where to look for exquisite items for your special day, I wish you a wonderful wedding!



P.S. If you want to book the best wedding venue for your wedding, download this free checklist to make sure you have the best space for your special event.

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