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Weddings by Laremi

How to create a stunning navy wedding with careful chosen details

Wedding Tips, Wedding Planning, Wedding Theme ColorsMirela GorunComment

Navy blue is a wonderful color for a wedding - elegant and powerful, gives a remarkable personality to the ceremony.

If you have a summer wedding it will create a refreshing feeling for your guests, especially if you combine it with spots of bright yellow.

For a winter wedding, navy blue and Christmacy crimson can have a memorable effect.

Whatever the temperature, these ideas will help you design your dream wedding:

  • Flower girls are often the cutest wedding guests and everyone's focus. Dress them in navy to create a contrast with your white dress and to avoid little accidents which can be catastrophic if their little dresses are white.

  • Highlight your tables with these delicate satin petals. They will remain fresh looking for the entire evening. You can mix them with white ones for a plus of light.

  • Add your own navy touches. An elegant bridal cape, specially designed for you, will make you feel warm and stylish. Furthermore, it will look stunning in contrast with your white dress.

  • Due to its molecular structure, linen can absorb liquid five times its weight very quickly, without looking soaked. Add the natural and fresh aspect and you've found your wedding napkins.

  • Velvet has a rich, luxurious aspect. A table runner like this will be the focal point.

  • Quality tulle pom poms can create wonderful decorations outside or inside and can be reused many times (maybe for a baby shower party).

  • This silk velvet ribbon is light, lush and perfect for adding a plus of charm to your bridesmaids' bouquets. We all know that little details are the ones who make the difference.

  • Printed on a luxurious quality card with a classic modern design, these table names will add a personal touch to your tables. If you want to book the best wedding venue for your wedding, download this free checklist to make sure you have the best space for your special event.

  • For bonus points, use laser cut confetti cones. One for each couple should be enough and your guests will be so happy to welcome the newlyweds with confetti and cheers. You will probably remember this moment forever.

Now that you know where to look for beautiful navy items, I wish you a wonderful wedding!



P.S. If you want to book the best wedding venue for your wedding, download this free checklist to make sure you have the best space for your special event.

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