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How to Choose a Wedding Theme You'll Adore

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How exciting to plan your own wedding and create the day of your dreams according to your, well, dreams! However, sometimes the excitement fades away while the stress starts to show its nasty claws. Where to start, what to buy, whom to ask!?!

So many, many questions and so little, little time.

Not to worry – we are here to guide your thinking process. The easiest way to start is to pick a wedding theme. Once you’ve settled this one, the rest will start to fall into places.

Though it seems overwhelming to decide right now, it’s actually an enjoyable task. Here are five ways to elucidate this wedding enigma:

1.   Let Your Wedding Gown Be Your  Muse

With its unique design, the perfect dress already stalled your heart? This is a great start for a theme. Let’s say you have your eyes on a princess dress. Voila, your wedding theme was under your nose the whole time: romance, delicacy, lace, tulle, soft colors, classic arrangements…

Alternatively, if you decide to skip the dress altogether and try a jumpsuit instead, you have your wedding theme there as well: modern, nonconformist, bold. You can experiment with intrepid designs like wire decorations, copper items and geometric shapes.

2. Use The Date as a Starting Point

My friend’s Big Event was on a spring day and they centered the wedding to take full advantage of nature’s reborn. Heaps of spring flowers, pastel hues and leafy decorations made their celebration a resounding success. The entire ceremony looked natural, tonic and crisp.

Summer, fall or winter, each season has its own perks and character. Make the most of them when you decide your wedding theme.

3. Choose your colors first

Do you have a favorite color? We all do. Build your wedding theme around it. The last wedding I’ve seen had dusty blue as the main color. For focal points, the couple used burgundy. Finally, they tied it all together with blush and navy by scattering elements in these tones in the bridal bouquet, on table decorations or hair accessories. Brilliant!

Color may be the easiest way to create a wedding theme.

4. Make it Extra Special with Your Hobby

Foreign languages are an old passion of mine and French is between top favorites. Whenever I see a French symbol, I get a small jolt of happiness. Imagine your wedding built around your hobby: books, traveling, sport – the possibilities are endless. One thing is certain – it will be a truly unique wedding.

5.   Location, Location, Location

I doubt you will be able to pull a boho style at a five stars hotel or an urban look in a barn wedding. Location is paramount when deciding on a wedding theme. A garden wedding may benefit from parasols, fans and lanterns whereas a banquet hall might request sumptuous floral centerpieces and impeccable chair covers.

Let your creativity thrive when planning your wedding. You can easily combine elements from a garden wedding with your favorite color and your hobby. Nobody can stop you from making your wedding represent you two. The best weddings are the ones with character.

And if you ever get stuck, there is always Pinterest.  

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