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Crystal of Le Rustic Chic talking about custom wire creations for weddings

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Here on the blog today, we have Crystal of Le Rustic Chic. You guys are going to love her not only because she is a very creative lady + entrepreneur, but also a very down to earth person who understands the needs of her customers and does her very best to exceed their expectations.

What kind of wedding products do you make? What materials do you use/how would you describe them?

All my items are handmade, involving different finishes of wire. The most popular for weddings are my floral bridal hangers, which incorporate real touch silk peonies, wood hangers and wire. Very customizable.

The cake toppers are very popular too, and have been featured in several wedding magazines. Simple, customizable cake toppers featuring your initials, or last name.

Other items available are custom wine charms and table numbers.

Wedding Hanger With Date and White Flowers.png


How did you get started with your business?

In 2011 my husband lost his job in a company-wide layoff.

I decided to take my hobby to a full time career and learned everything I could on how to succeed on doing so on Etsy. There wasn't too much free information back then, so a lot of what I learned was through trial and error, and within Etsy's seller forums.

I'm so glad I was able to accomplish this and make a living for my family.


What is the basic process you go through to make your products?

First I make sure I have enough raw materials on hand and order any materials or shipping supplies I might need in the upcoming weeks.

Daily (7 days a week during wedding season) I print the packing slips and shipping labels for the orders I need to do that day, schedule a USPS package pickup for the next business day and get to work.

I spend 5 - 8 hours a day in my garage drilling wood hangers and then at my desk, responding to customers and bending wire with pliers my dad gave me back in 2010. All my packaging needs are in arms reach of my desk, so it's very easy to complete one order at a time, then package it. 

The day's orders are left on my porch for my postman to collect in the morning.


What are a few common styles that you offer, and what are the benefits of each?

I have 5 hanger colors, 6 flower colors and 11 wire colors. It's so easy for brides to mix and match that perfect hanger or cake topper to fit their wedding aesthetics.

Each item I offer can either be kept forever in a shadow box, or brought out and reused on anniversaries. I've even had brides keep their cake toppers in a potted plant, or vase of flowers. 

The cake toppers are simply elegant and light, perfect for rustic cakes (and wedding pies!).

Arrow & Initials Cake Topper.png


What advice would you give to someone on choosing the right design for their wedding?

Make sure you know exactly what you want and your vision isn't lost in translation.

Ask for, or even send a sketch so the maker knows exactly what you want and that you receive what you envisioned.

If you're looking to color match, make sure you send and receive photos of samples in natural light, as natural light will more truly represent colors.


Any other advice you’d add?

Order what you need early! During the summer makers who are in the wedding business are swamped.

If you forgot that perfect last touch and are in a last minute bind, find a maker close by, or a maker who offers rush options.

For example, my current processing time is two weeks, however I offer rush processing that makes your order jump ahead of the queue and typically processes next day.

Wire Table Numbers - Rustic Wedding.png


With a wonderful designer like Crystal, your wedding will have a distinctive, personal touch and the memory will last forever. 

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