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How to Plan an Affordable but Exhilarating Wedding

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how to plan an affordable wedding

Let’s be honest! Not everyone can afford the excessive expectations of a modern wedding. Iridescent flower arcades and sumptuous china look fabulous but are simply not accessible without wasting all the savings or taking a loan.  

If this is something you are not fancying, there are ways to plan an intimate wedding which will leave you with great memories and a full wallet.

In a nutshell, you have to cover three basic aspects: food, drinks and atmosphere.

how to plan an affordable wedding

1. Intimate Ceremony

Have your ceremony at the courthouse with a small group of intimate friends and very close relatives. Try to eliminate dead time intervals by scheduling the celebration party immediately after the ceremony.

2. Dazzling Decorations

Don’t break the bank for wedding decorations. Balloons, bunting and tissue paper flowers are fun, affordable and effective. Not to mention that you can reuse them countless times for baby showers or birthday parties.

3. Finger- Licking Food

If you have talented cooks in your family, engage them in preparing the food – nothing fancy, think quality salads, delicious sandwiches, succulent smoked brisket, tasty dips and scrumptious snacks. You don’t need pretentious food. Simple food like cheese and grapes can be mouthwatering and your guests will be grateful for some real food. If cooking scares you, hire a local caterer but keep the same principle.

4. Tantalizing Desert

Lately, there is a trend to have cupcakes instead of cake at the wedding and many couples say it’s less stressful, more affordable and, not surprisingly, more delectable than a wedding cake.

5. Refreshing Drinks

One rule only - buy bulk. Moreover, you can limit the amount of alcohol consumed by providing a wide selection of soft drinks. Don’t forget about water!

6. Engaging Music

A talented DJ can create a vibrant atmosphere keeping your guests on the dance floor the entire afternoon and it costs a fraction the price charged by a band.

7. Memorable Moments

Photography is a tricky subject because it can make or break your memories. If you are lucky enough to have a photographer between your friends, use this advantage; if not, this might be an expense worth taking.

However, you can save a considerate amount if you look for a college student majoring in photography who does weddings on the side to finance his studies.

how to plan an affordable wedding

If your heart’s desire is a huge wedding then, by all means, go for it. Alternatively, you can opt for an inexpensive intimate wedding which feels a lot like a family reunion party. For the right couple, it might be more gratifying than a big, extravagant celebration.

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Photography: Courtney Dee

Bridal Shawl: Laremi

Bridal Tiara: HoneyV

Veil: SashandVeil

Makeup: Rachel Lindsey

Hair : Bridal Hair by Jennie

Dress : Amara Bridal

Model : Mia 

Venue : Roslin Beach Hotel

Hair Accessories : Hey Jules!