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Bohemian Elopement In The Countryside

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City weddings have a modern vibe and chic canapés.

However, the fresh air and charming landscapes you can only find in the countryside have a special enticement for many couples.

Add a peaceful lake, a lively farm with sweet horses and happy puppies and top it with bohemian details — you’ll end up with gorgeous memories.

bohemian wedding bridal bouquet peach orange.jpg
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barn wedding bridal dress.jpg
bohemian bride boho dress lace.jpg

Lately, we have participated in a boho elopement shoot, sprinkled with rich tones of burgundy, crisp orange, and celestial blue. The event was styled and planned magnificently by Vida Events and photographed artistically by True Story.

boho bridal flower crown.jpg
rustic wedding bridal bouquet.jpg
barn wedding dress.jpg

As spring came bringing gorgeous flowers and sunny days, they took advantage of the clean air and warm temperature and created a boho feel with a stunning lace dress, dream catchers and flower crowns.

bohemian bridal bouquet.jpg
boho bride barn wedding.jpg
barn wedding.jpg
boho bride.jpg
boho wedding bridal bouquet.jpg
boho wedding dress.jpg
boho dress bridal bouquet.jpg
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boho wedding bridal dress.jpg
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boho wedding dress,.jpg

The best part of eloping is escaping the constraints of planning a wedding (which is the best part for some couples and the worst nightmare for others). Thank God for alternatives!

boho elopment.jpg
country wedding bohemian bride.jpg
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crochet wedding dress bohemian look.jpg
crochet wedding dress.jpg
peach bridal bouquet.jpg

The bride, natural and relaxed, was incredibly chic in her vintage lace dress and crochet shawl, holding a lush bouquet of spring natural flowers in perfect harmony the wild location.

rustic wedding boho wedding.jpg
rustic wedding hair style.jpg
rustic wedding table decorations.jpg
boho wedding flowers bridal bouquet.jpg
boho bridal dress lace crochet.jpg

The boho wedding movement is here to stay. Romance and nature entwine effortlessly with personal touches and give freedom to lovers to design their unique Dream Day without the restraint of conventionality. Bohemian elopement in the countryside is the pinnacle of the trend.

bohemian eleopment table arrangements.jpg
boho elopment table decorations.jpg
boho cake elopment flowers.jpg
bohemian eleopment table decorations.jpg
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