Weddings by Laremi

Weddings by Laremi

“The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves.
— Victor Hugo

Behind the scenes

I am Mirela, the founder of Weddings by Laremi, a bridal capes company with a wish to make your wedding day extremely special.

My husband, Alex, is my biggest supporter, always encouraging, always positive.

Why weddings? Because they inspire me as the symbol of love, trust, and a bright future.

The Story

On our wedding day, my father told me it's snowing and I laughed because I was sure he was joking (we had a very warm autumn by then). Well.... he was telling the truth, and my wedding day was as white as my dress. Guess what? I was totally unprepared. I ended up freezing and forced to wear an ordinary winter coat, fact that I still remember today with a smile (a bit sour).

I opened my shop to help other brides to avoid this bitter-sweet experience. My passion for crocheting and design inspired me to create bridal capes, which enhance the beauty of your dress and keeps you warm and elegant at the same time.

100% Handmade

These bridal shawls are 100% handmade and created with great care for details. I sincerely hope you enjoy my capes and they will help you feel extra special and cozy on your big day.

The Blog

In time, I became addicted to gorgeous weddings, brides, flower, gowns, planning and styling. I love to mix colors, to create new wedding pallets or to search for those unique elements which create the story…